Over 50's Stone Carving Workshops

Stone Carving Workshops for the over 50's

 The prevalent belief in Western cultures is that aging necessitates a deceleration in our activities and a transition toward retirement. However, as emphasized by Daniel E. Lieberman, a renowned evolutionary biologist at Harvard, the opposite must be our guiding principle. It is precisely as we age that maintaining physical activity becomes crucial.

The lesson here for adults aged 55 and above is to strive for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activities, such as brisk walking, spread over a week. This translates to, for instance, 30 minutes a day for five days. Additionally, incorporating muscle-strengthening exercises into their routine at least two days a week is recommended

There is ample evidence to suggest that regular exercise can result in the reversal of age-related decline in the hippocampus, a vital brain region for learning, memory, and cognitive functions. Exercise has demonstrated positive influence on cognitive abilities, slowed down cognitive aging, and even reduced the risks of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Moreover, it's important to recognize the role of creativity and social interactions during middle and old age. Those who participated in craft-based activities were found to be 45% less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Furthermore, social interactions combined with creativity during these life stages were associated with a 55% decreased risk of MCI.

The neurotransmitter dopamine, linked with pleasure, reward, and motivation, plays a significant role in fostering creativity. Elevated dopamine levels in the striatum, a brain region, can enhance cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking.

One of the key lessons to remember is the importance of strength and muscle mass for a long and healthy life. As Canadian-American physician Peter Attia, renowned for his work in longevity medicine, points out, strength is about using muscle to generate force. “If you aspire to enjoy playing with your great-grandchildren, prioritizing muscle mass is essential. After all, no one in their nineties has ever wished for less muscle.”


Range of Stone Carving Workshops

One day over 50’s Stone Carving Workshops

 One day workshops are held on Thursday or every third Saturday of the month can be booked in advance (A day is 7 hours including breaks) £110.00

Three day over 50s Stone Carving Workshops 

Three day workshops are either held consecutively Wednesday to Friday once a month or on the Thursday or the third Saturday of the month. (Choose the days you wish to attend as late as three days in advance.) £280.80

Five day over 50’s Stone Carving Workshops 

Fire day workshops are either held consecutively Monday to Friday once a month or on the Thursday or the third Saturday of the month. (Choose the days you wish to attend as late as three days in advance.) £564.00

12 week over 50’s Stone Carving workshops .

 (Whole course 24 hours) £432.00

Classes run on a Thursday morning (09.30 - 12.30) or evening (18.30-21.30).

The Fees are £360 for the 12-week term and these are inclusive of use of  work space, stone for the initial 3 weeks, tools, tuition, PPE, tea and coffee.

The initial structured 12 week classes include:

  • First 3 weeks will be spent working on small set projects to learn basic carving techniques, use and care of tools, the nature of the materials.

(The letter cutting at this level is based upon the simple application of Roman letterforms.)

  •  Week 4 Design, development and planning of your own project.
  • Weeks 5-12 Taking your project through to completion.

Next programme starts 11th January 2024.

Individual tuition takes place throughout the course. 

There will be an extra charge for the stone for your final project charged at £3.50 - £5.00 Per Kg.

Once the initial 12 weeks programme has been completed, workshop space and the use of the equipment can be hired for £10 per hour.

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