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Stephen L'Normand, a prominent member of The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen, is known for his engaging talks, lectures, and appearances. His extensive knowledge and passion for stonemasonry shine through in every presentation he gives.

Whether he is discussing the history of the guild, demonstrating traditional techniques, or sharing stories from his own experiences, Stephen captivates his audience with his humour, charismatic storytelling and in-depth expertise. Attendees of his talks and lectures always leave feeling inspired and enlightened about the art of stonemasonry.

Stephen has been  giving talks and lectures Internationally for a number of years.

Below are a selection of his appearances, lectures and talks.

Cultural and Intangible Heritage 

This talk took place at The Forum, Norwich, with the help of two traveling journeymen he spoken about the the history and the culture of stonemasonry is still important in the training of new generations of craftspeople.

 The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen has an unbroken recorded history of over 1000 years, making it a significant part of intangible heritage and culture.

In a recent lectures Stephen L'Normand has discussed the importance of preserving the traditions and practices of the guild, highlighting the role it plays in maintaining the cultural identity of the community.

Talks and tours in and around Heritage Buildings

At the Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen, we are privileged to have master stonemason Stephen L'Normand share his expertise and knowledge in talks and lectures about particular buildings. One of the most fascinating topics he covers is Norwich Castle, a historic landmark with a rich architectural history.

Through Stephen L'Normand's perspective, we gain a deeper understanding of the intricate stonework and craftsmanship that went into creating such a magnificent structure. His insights not only educate us about the techniques used by stonemasons of the past, but also inspire us to continue the tradition of preserving and honoring our architectural heritage.

Archaeology and History Societies

As part of the Stone Carving and Archaeology study day of The British Archaeological Society Stephen gave a fascinating talk.

"We were captivated by the insights into L'Normand's life and work, and how his contributions have shaped our understanding of the past. It was truly an enlightening experience that deepened our appreciation for the rich history of our region."

Internationally Renown Museums

We have worked with a number of Internationally renown museums giving talks, lectures and demonstrations on the craft, culture, and intangible heritage of stonemasonry within the context of The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen. Learn about the techniques, traditions, and history that have been passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

We explore the significance of stonemasonry in shaping our built environment and preserving cultural heritage. Gain insight into the intricate artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating timeless structures that stand the test of time and discuss how craftsmanship benefits the health and wellbeing of a nation.

We have reproduced whole or part copies of stone pieces held in museum collections using contemporary tools and techniques to explain and examine how they were made.

Recorded Content for Museums, Galleries and Educational Organisations

Producing recorded content for museums and galleries' temporary and permanent exhibitions plays a crucial role in bringing the history and significance of organizations like The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen to life. Through multimedia displays and audiovisual presentations, visitors can immerse themselves in the rich heritage and craftsmanship of these skilled artisans.

By capturing the stories and techniques of the Stonemasons Guild through recorded content, museums and galleries can ensure that their legacy is preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from. These recordings provide a valuable resource for educating the public about the importance of traditional craftsmanship and the cultural significance of organizations like the Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen.

We have reproduced whole or part copies of stone pieces held in museum collections using contemporary tools and techniques to explain and examine how they were made.

Talks to Trust memberships 

This talk was given to the membership of The Woodchester Mansion Trust in the context of the craft of stonemasonry and the fabric of Woodchester Mansion its self. 

We have been successful in adding value to the membership fee of a range of organisations. 

Universities and Educational and Heritage Institutes

Members of The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen are available to give talks and lectures to educational institutes on the rich history and traditions of stonemasonry. These presentations provide students with valuable insights into the craftsmanship and techniques used by our skilled artisans throughout the centuries.

By inviting our guild members to speak at your school or university, you can help inspire the next generation of stonemasons and preserve the legacy of this ancient craft. Contact us today to schedule a presentation and bring the world of stonemasonry to life for your students.

Arts and Crafts Societies

The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen offers talks and discussions about craft techniques and philosophies to craftspeople of all levels and individuals interested in pursuing craft as academic pursuit. These talks provide valuable insights and knowledge about the rich history and traditions of stonemasonry, as well as the importance of preserving and passing on these skills to future generations.

Through these discussions, members of the guild are able to deepen their understanding of the craft and its significance in architectural and artistic history. By sharing their expertise and experiences, they inspire others to explore the world of stonemasonry and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the role of craft in contemporary society.

Talks to community groups

This talk was titled The Stonemasons' Art and was given to the Widcombe social club. In this case the audience were almost entirely residents of the UNESCO City of Bath and as such lived in stone house built between 18th and 19th centuries.

"The most informative and entertaining talk I have ever been to" 

Radio Appearances

Stephen has been a commentator on a series of radio programs discussing craft training today, his craft, its history, culture, and the importance of preserving and passing them on.

Podcasts, Webinars and Virtual Events

The Stonemasons Guild of St Stephen is embracing modern technology by offering Podcasts, Webinars, and Virtual Events. These digital platforms allow members to stay connected, informed, and engaged with the guild's activities and initiatives.

Through Podcasts, members can listen to informative discussions and interviews about stonemasonry techniques, historical preservation projects, and industry trends. Webinars provide interactive learning opportunities, where members can participate in workshops and training sessions from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual Events, such as conferences and networking sessions, offer a way for members to connect with each other and industry experts from around the world.


Stephen has been involved in a number of productions for TV internationally, discussing the craft of stonemasonry. He often talks about it in the context of The Stonemasons Guild of St. Stephen.

His passion for the art of stonemasonry shines through in his presentations, as he shares his knowledge and expertise with audiences around the world.

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