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I am Dr. Stephen L’Normand, I occupy a place in a Duodecian, as one of twelve Guild Masters in the world.  My doctoral research was in the field of sacramental geometry and metaphysics in architectural design.  As Master Stonemason, I have worked on some of the most prestigious, protected and unique buildings worldwide, including: Doge’s Palace, Venice, Somerset House, Queen’s House, Greenwich and Windsor Castle.  I was awarded a Blue Ribbon from The Academy of Free Stonemasons for his time as Master of Works at Stoneleigh Abbey. n a career spanning five decades, I have worked at the highest levels in 47 countries. I have been fortunate to collaborate with individuals who have enriched my knowledge and skills, as well as for clients and patrons who have allowed me to refine these techniques. These include European and Middle Eastern Royal families, a Pope, a Dastūr, National and City governments and many more. I am regarded to be the finest living English Baroque stone carver and have produced fine stone pieces for an extensive portfolio of notable clients.  I have devoted recent years to the protection and development of training in stonemasonry and stone carving in several countries and I am now based in the UK, where I oversees the training of a select group of Guild stonemasonry apprentices.  

During the early years of my career, I actively sought out skilled craftspeople and craft artists who usually generously shared their knowledge with me, whether it was a specific technique, a story, or simply allowing me to watch them at work. Many of these individuals have since passed away, and without the interest of people like myself, much of their knowledge would have been lost.

As a Master craftsman teaching craftspeople, the style is predominantly hands-on and practical, focusing on demonstrating skills and techniques rather than merely describing them. Guild masters are chosen based not only on their mastery of the craft but also for their proficiency in effectively teaching diverse groups. We must offer popular entertainment based content and also Scientific presentation with a balanced approach, using scientific explanation; experimentation; measurement and quantification and evidence-based science.

My course through the international craft world has been filled with contradictions, encompassing both ancient traditions and cutting-edge innovations. It has been punctuated by moments of humour and occasional terror, joys and sorrows, from the repetition of craft training to eureka moments. I have learned from the perseverance and repetitive practices of some, and the sparkling intellectual creativity in the presence of greatness. 

Through my collaboration with the Guilds who supported me, especially in my early years, I now share the knowledge I have acquired through a series of tailored practical craft, theoretical and academic talks, lectures and workshops.

Please find below information on a series of Programmes, Courses and Workshops I regularly give or for information on other topics, please feel free to contact us.

Programmes, Courses and Workshops.

All the subjects below can be tailored to the need of the group and can be taken over one or five days. Where indicated the subject can be taken remotely.

Stone Carving Techniques, Culture and History

Stone Carving Techniques, culture and history is a comprehensive course that immerses students in the art, culture and history of stone carving, providing them with fundamental skills, knowledge, and tools to create intricate and captivating stone sculptures. 

Ocular Rectification in Sculpture and Architecture

 In this programme, participants will  gain a comprehensive understanding of ocular rectification in sculpture and architecture, hone their skills in manipulating proportions, angles, and dimensions for visual harmony, and apply these techniques in practical projects to enhance their artistic creations.

Resonance of the Senses: Harmonic Proportion, Geometry, and Neurology in the Creation of Emotional Architecture and Sculpture 

Welcome to an introduction exploring the intricate relationship between harmonic proportion, music theory, geometry, and our neurology in influencing the energy and emotions conveyed by sculpture and architecture. These elements collectively play a significant role in determining the emotive and energetic impact of the final artistic piece.

Unravelling the Boundaries: Where Pagan Sculpture Meets Classical Sculpture 

This programme aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of stone carving, symbolism in art, cultural influences, and the connections between classical, Christian, and pagan aesthetics. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, discussions, and creative projects to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the fascinating world of art history.

 Unravelling the Past: Exploring Archaeological Evidence and Traditional Crafts

We will look at the Archaeological evidence of tools and artifacts found but we will also come from the point of looking at the materials and technologies available at the craftspeople to consider how the wonderful feats  of architecture and art were achieved.

 Embracing Physical Activity, Creativity, and Social Engagement for Adults 50+

In many Western cultures, the prevailing notion is that aging calls for a slowdown and retirement. However, renowned evolutionary biologist Daniel E. Lieberman from Harvard challenges this belief, highlighting the importance of maintaining physical activity as we age. This curriculum emphasizes the opposite approach: staying active and engaged is crucial for healthy aging. We will show how craft and craftsmanship have dealt with this issue for thousands of years.

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